Landcross - DX Micromaster - Figure

During a test of new stealth technology, the Multiforce team passes through a dimensional rift leading them to a different Earth. Here, they join Diego, Crushbull, Converter, and the rest of the Micromasters as the native Cybertrons unearth the ruins within Mount St. Hillary. With their combining technology, Wing and his crew help the Micromasters fend off an assault by the Destron Build Team and Berserker SixWing.



In jet form, Wing is 3 3/4" long with a 2 5/8" wingspan. His primary color is gray with black painted cockpit windows, gray painted jet exhausts, and molded red wings. A Cybertron symbol is stamped on the left side of the tail fin. The robot mode arms are clearly visible on the sides of the fuselage, but they don't detract too much from the aesthetic design of the jet mode.

Wing includes a small pistol and the head to the Landcross super-robot. There is a small port just behind the cockpit where the pistol can be attached for an attack mode. To transform into robot mode, remove the pistol and flip the cockpit back. Extend the engines back and flip the wings down. Swing the arms up and raise the robot head. You may need to separate the legs and used a small tool or the pistol to push the head up.

As a robot, Wing stands 3" tall and has minimal articulation. He can swing his arms around 360 degrees, as the rest of his team can, and he can bend outward at the hips and knees, though this is for combining with the others as well as swivel at the hips. Due to the combining gimmick, Wing is mostly legs with a small torso. His helmet is red and his face painted silver. Two panels on either side of the front landing gear on his chest are painted silver as well.


At 3 1/4" long, Waver is a white hydrofoil with red foils and engine. The cockpit windows are painted blue and gray pieces that form connectors and upper legs are visible on the front and sides of the boat respectively. The fan in the center of the engine spins, though not very well. A Cybertron insignia is stamped onto the front, port side of his hull.

Waver comes with a rifle and the left fist of Landcross. This fist features a blaster attached to the outside. The fist can be attached to the top of the cockpit for use as an attack mode. To transform into robot mode, remove the fist and extend the front of the boat forward. Swing the front hull sections down and push the robot head up.

Also at 3" tall, Waver features the same articulation as Wing. His torso and arms are red with a factory-applied vent sticker wrapping around the rear wheel. His helmet is white with a silver-painted face and light-green eyes.


The first ground-based member of Multiforce, Dash is a 3 1/4" red sport scar with black-painted windows, black tires, and a Cybertron symbol stamped on the passenger side of the roof. The robot mode arms are visible as the rear wheels wells of the car mode, but they don't look that bad all things considered. Some gray from the robot mode bits show through on the sides and rear of the vehicle, including the top of the robot head in the back.

Dash comes with a rifle and the right fist of Landcross. Exactly opposite of the left one, it can be attached to Dash's roof for an attack mode. To transform into robot mode, remove the fist and extend the trunk of the car back. Flip the front wheel sections out and rotate the legs down. Swing the arms up and push the head up.

Standing at 3", Dash is a little more proportional in appearance except when it comes to his feet. They're huge for a robot his size, twice the height and width of his head. He also has the same articulation as Wing and Waver except that his knees bend forward. Dash's torso, upper legs, and helmet are gray. A factory-applied sticker covers part of his chest. It's red with light green vents on either side. His face is painted orange and his eyes light blue.


The green 2 3/4" half-track truck is Tacker. The windshield and windows are painted yellow and the treads are painted gray. Tacker's Autobot symbol is stamped onto the rear driver's side of the vehicle. The front wheel wells are gray and obviously robot arms. It's a little more distracting on Tracker than the others.

With Tracker are a large rifle and one of the feet for Landcross. This foot, featuring two cannons for toes, can be placed on the rear section of the vehicle for attack purposes. Tacker's transform is the least involved thus far. Extend the rear section back after removing the super-robot foot, swing the arms up, and push the robot head up.

At 3 3/8", Tacker is the tallest member of the Multiforce thus far. His articulation is the same as his teammates' and no additional colors become visible in this mode. His helmet is gray with a silver face and light-blue eyes.


The only member of the team whose vehicle mode is incomplete with out a Landcross element attached, Mach is the space shuttle. At 3 1/8" long, Mach is white and blue two-tone with blue painted windows and a Cybertron insignia stamped on the left side of his tail fin. His robot arms are visible along the rear sides of the shuttle as are the gray upper leg sections.

Mach comes with a blaster and the chest and cod piece for Landcross. The chest piece can be attached to his underside to complete his shuttle mode with a 3 1/4" wingspan. Although not shown in the instructions, his blaster can be attached to a port in the left center of the shuttle's bay doors. To transform into robot mode, remove the wings and blaster and extend the engine section back. Swing the front of the shuttle out and rotate the sides up. Swing up the arms and push the head out.

In robot mode, Mach stands 3" tall and has the usual articulation except that his knees bend forward. Except for the gray upper legs, Mach is still mostly white and blue. His helmet is blue, mouth plate painted silver, and eyes are red. The tail fin in the center of the chest is a little silly looking, but the only other option in terms of design would be having the landing gear on his chest, like Wing and Waver.


At 2 3/4" long, Tackle is the final member of the Multiforce team. He is an orange 4WD vehicle with a dark blue canopy and black painted windows. As with Tacker, Tackle's robot arms form the front wheel wells.

Included with Tackle is a blaster and the other Landcross foot, which can be attached to the rear of the canopy for an attack mode. His transform is identical to Tacker with the exception that the bottom of the vehicle becomes the front of the robot mode.

Standing at 3 3/8", Tackle shares the title of tallest Multiforce member with Tacker and has the same articulation. he is mostly orange with gray upper legs and a blue chest plate that features two factory-applied yellow and black vent stickers. His helmet is orange, face silver, and eyes red. Seems he and Mach may have fallen prey to Megatron's attitude adjuster.

Gettai! Multiforce!

Each member of Multiforce can become either the top or bottom half of a larger robot and can combine with every other member of the team for a total of 30 different combinations, 36 if you have two of each toy.

To form the upper torso, swing the arms back, parallel to the ground, retract the head and push the other, larger robot head out the other side. Swing the robot legs put and up to form the arms. In Mach and Dash's place, rotate the robot feet to the outside of the larger robot arms. Fold Wing's wings in. To create the lower torso, swing the arms back and retract the robot head. Then, attach the upper torso of your choice to the lower torso.

Gettai! Landcross!

Using Tacker's gun as a base, attach the other weapons to the sides, top, and front of the gun to form Landcross' rifle. Starting with Wing in robot mode, fold the arms back, retract the head and legs and fold the wings in, the left first. Flip Waver's arms back and retract the head. Rotate the legs around 180 degrees, flip the out at the hips and down at the knees and flip the pegs in the feet down. Attach to Wing. With Tacker and Tackle in vehicle mode, attach the Landcross feet to the rear of their alt modes. Attach the front of Tacker to the right upper leg and do the same with Tackle and the right upper leg.

With Dash in car mode, split the front section in half and swing the left side down at the knee joint, bring the foot out and swing the robot arms up. Attach the right fist to the end of the arm and the entire toy to the right side of Landcross' torso. With Mach in shuttle mode (sans the wings), split the front section in half and swing the right side down at the knee joint, bring the foot out and swing the robot arms up. Attach the left fist to the end of the arm and the entire toy to the left side of Landcross' torso. Attach the cod piece to the lower torso, the chest plate to the upper torso, and the super-robot head to the shoulders.

Standing at 8 3/4" tall, Landcross is now ready to battle the evil Destrons. He features shoulder joints that rotate and allow for the arms to extend outward. He can also rotate at the hips and can be posed in some kicking positions, with proper support that is. The right fist on my toy doesn't want to stay put unless it's pressed upward slightly, which can cause a problem when attaching the rifle to it. Also, the chest plate won't stay on well if Wing's right wing is folded in first. Landcross' proportions aren't perfect either as his legs are a little lanky and his head a tad big.


The individual robots have their proportion problems and Landcross himself is a bit of a let down as well in terms of holding certain parts together. The true fun with this set is the ability to combine the individual robots with each other. These are better proportioned robots with decent arm articulation. Considering these reissues cost around 1/10th what the originals fetch, Multiforce is worth checking out, especially if you're a fan of the Powerlinx Autobots in the Energon line.

Final Grade: B

ReviewerRichard C. Mistron  
DateMarch 26th 2004  
Score 7 stars (7 out of 10)  

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